Surprises upon receipt of the goods. How to avoid

Even with long-term cooperation in the field of cargo transportation, a situation may arise between the supplier and the recipient, which will lead to difficulties in accepting a consignment of goods as confirmed by the organizers freight broker training nyc. Most often, such incidents happen if, during shipment, in an effort to improve operations, the sender introduced know-how, but did not inform the recipient, or other circumstances occurred, for example, replacement of key employees involved in paperwork, batch formation and direct loading into the transport means.

So, situation number 1. You received a container and cannot open it, because it turns out that from such and such a date the sender installs power security seals. It would seem that your partner took care of the safety of the goods and the reliability of the container. But, unfortunately, you do not have a device for opening such locking devices. We have to urgently spend money and purchase a tool – special pliers.

Situation 2. You always received a truck loaded, for example, in boxes of 25 kg. and loaders easily freed the vehicle manually. But, this time the body is loaded with pallets wrapped in stretch film – this is the sender who decided to ensure better accounting and safety of the goods, and also speed up the loading process. But! For unknown reasons, I did not agree with you on my initiative. Now you need to urgently look for a forklift or spend time unpacking pallets in the back – both options will lead to additional time and, therefore, money.

Situation 3. In an effort to increase the efficiency of using the cargo space of the vehicle, the manufacturer changed the packaging of goods in boxes, but the employees who processed the shipment were not informed of the know-how and wrote out a standard package of documents – as always. Having received the goods, the storekeeper will have to figure out what has changed from the previous delivery. Either the number of boxes, with the same total weight of the lot, or the weight of the lot, with the same number of boxes – and also the actual presence of the cargo must match in the data of the documents.

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First of all, in the terms of the contract it should be determined that the parties are obliged to inform each other in advance of any changes in the processes of sending the goods. It is also necessary to stipulate the responsibility of the parties in the event of the unilateral introduction of any know-how that entailed additional costs of time and money, stipulating a mechanism for fixing unplanned expenses.

For any initiative, someone has to pay.

Surprises upon receipt of the goods. How to avoid