Owner-operator and driver of the company: who are these people?

The owner-operator is an independent driver who can deliver the goods independently on absolutely legal grounds, without being hired by any company. But at the same time, he has to independently organize all processes: from building routes and drawing up plans to planning supplies. If you perform these processes correctly, find fast and short routes, and maintain the car on time, then the work can be done in the shortest possible time and with the highest income.

Truck driver holding wheel. Smiling at work

Drivers of companies do not own the vehicle, they simply drive it in accordance with the schedule and established road maps. Companies pay for insurance, car repairs and so on. This is much easier, as company drivers do not have as many responsibilities as owner operators. But income is also very different. Owners always get more.

Why should you become an owner operator?

Firstly, you become the owner of the business and that’s cool. In addition, the following advantages can be distinguished:

– You can choose the vehicle and all the equipment yourself, because you pay for it.

Drivers who work for the company do not have full control over the car, they share the transport with other employees. When you are the boss, you can decide what to drive and what to buy. If you do not have the full amount to buy a truck, you can lease or borrow it. But make sure that your credit history and work experience allow you to do this.

– You make a lot more money. As a business owner, you can earn over $200,000 a year. If you keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends and constantly improve your skills as a businessman, then your income will increase from year to year.

– You are your boss, so you have more freedom, your salary depends only on you. You decide when, where and with whom to work, and when to go on vacation.

– You have many connections in the field of cargo transportation. This gives you the opportunity to establish business partnerships with companies and grow your business.

Owner-operator and driver of the company: who are these people?