House Sitting

Become a House Sitting Pro & Reduce Your World Travel Costs


Imagine staying in a home for a while that is not your own. The home is equipped with the latest home theater equipment and features a great view of the local area. All amenities are paid for, and you do not have to pay a dime of rent. On top of that, you get a small daily cash stipend to watch over the home. House sitting is not incredibly lucrative, but it can be an attractive way to visit a new place and make some decent money on the side. Living for free in a furnished home is always a plus.

Experienced sitters plan out their stays months to years ahead to create a seamless schedule of homes to live in for free while collecting passive income on the side.More experienced and specialized sitters can make even more money if they can provide extra services for a homeowner. People with serious devotions to pets often do not trust kennels or other temporary pet lodgings. A house sitter that specializes in pet sitting as well can make extra money outside of watching the house. This gives the homeowner the peace of mind that their home and their beloved pet are being taken care of. Another example might be a homeowner that wants to leave their home on vacation but has a complicated garden to maintain. A sitter with gardening experience would fit very well in this role.

Strategic house sitting planning and marketing yourself with your specialties can open doors of opportunity for the better, higher paying house sitting jobs. Often, these higher profile homes are in interesting cities to visit and explore and also have enjoyable amenities. Become a House Sitting Pro (recommended >> by focusing on a specialty that makes you look more reliable than other house sitters. This way, homeowners that seek your specific skills can find you easily and often are willing to pay extra if you take care of their home beyond just taking the trash out.

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